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Sue Miller, Team Leader

I have always been passionate about excellence in sports - particularly the power of team unity. Whether as a member of a team in high school or captain of a team in university, I have strived to make the team better.

I began my agility life in the late 1980s with my first Toller. In the early 1990s, I served on the board of AAC as the Ontario director. In 1993, I attended one of the first AAC judging clinics. After that, I became a judge, a course approver and clinic facilitator. When the CKC began their agility program, I was grandfathered in as a judge.

Over the years, I have competed with my Tollers in CKC, AKC and USDAA agility, in Canada and the US. One of the highlights of my agility career was earning a spot on the 2004 CKC agility team. Lily and I were named as an alternate and, due to a teammate's unfortunate injury, we ran for the team in Italy.

Since that exposure to international competition, I have studied top handlers in North America and Europe. I've seen massive improvements in training, handling and course design. And I'm proud that Canada has led the way in this evolution of the sport in North America. It is impressive that we have world class competitors in all parts of Canada, given that people are so spread out geographically.

Through my involvement with the CKC Agility Team, I want to encourage further development of the sport in Canada and support new competitors to reach their full potential. Toward that end, we need to build and define clear criteria for the team selection process. As Team Leader, I intend to work tirelessly to prepare our athletes to perform at their highest levels. Our ultimate goal is to own the international podium!